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          Custom Back Painted Glass

          Order Back Painted Glass

          Made In USA

          Back Painted Glass

          Back splashes, countertops, and bathrooms have spent decades getting the same old treatments. If you are amid new construction or a remodel, you may be a bit sick of the lack of options, tile, more tiles, and maybe a little granite or marble if you want to get fancy. If you are looking for an ultra-modern treatment for these, and even other areas of your home, consider back painted custom cut glass.

          Back Painted Glass an Innovation in Interior Decor

          If you have not heard of this amazing decor innovation, that is okay. We will get you up to speed. What is back painted glass anyway? Back painted glass is ultra-clear glass which has been painted so that color is seen through it. More than that though, back painted glass is heat cured to ensure that the paint becomes a permanent part of the glass as well. This ensures that designers and installation specialists can then cut the glass to any dimension. The heat treatment is what has allowed custom cut back painted glass to evolve as a great decor option for wall and countertop treatments in homes.

          Back Painted Glass An Innovation In Interior Decor
          An Emerging trend for Modern Interior

          An Emerging trend for Modern Interior

          This trend originated in Europe, but quickly made it way into the design plans of American architects and designers. Back painted glass provides the perfect backdrop for areas in the home which need moisture resistance treatment, such as kitchens and bathrooms. In the past tile and granite were the most obvious choices for moisture resistance, but today back painted glass provides a much more sophisticated, clean look for those who are ready to change it up a bit. Do not think that back painted glass is just limited to the kitchen and bath, though. Homeowners and interior designers are pushing the limits with back painted glass and updating other rooms as well.

          Features of Back-painted Glass

          One of the most appealing aspects of custom cut back painted glass is the almost limitless color possibilities. The process which is used to create this product allows for color matching. Any color scheme or design idea can be matched perfectly. The ultra-clear glass which is used in the process also ensures that the colors you choose will be seen as their true color. Ultra-clear glass will not tint or change the color when viewed through the glass. The other appealing feature of this product is that back painted glass can be custom cut and fitted to accommodate any space. The careful heat treatment which the glass is put through, allows for cutting and fitting without compromising the integrity of the glass or the clarity of the color. With the limitless options of customized Back Painted Glass and it can fit to any area, you can create back painted glass table tops, a back painted glass wall or even colored glass shower doors. The possibilities are truly endless.

          white back-painted glass table top
          colored back-painted-glass table tops
          black back-painted glass table top

          Benefits Of Using Back-Painted Glass

          Asides from the obvious aesthetic benefits of back painted glass; there are several practical benefits as well. Back painted glass can even be used to create unique yet stylish interior while remodeling or constructing new place all on budget friendly prices. Back painted glass tiles can be used for flooring to walls, furniture to décor effects.

          1. The one benefit homeowners are really raving about is how easy it is to clean their back painted glass areas. This material is stain resistant and simply wipes off with most glass cleaners.
          2. In addition to being easy to clean, back paint glass is moisture resistant. This is a very important feature in areas such as kitchen back splashes or the bathroom. Moisture resistant means you do not need to worry about mold or mildew. The non-porous surface makes mold and mildew impossibility.
          3. Granite, tile and marble have their limitations when it comes to appropriate installation, but back painted glass looks great everywhere. Counters, back splashes, bathroom walls, and accent walls are just a few places where this product works well. Back painted glass can even be used to create unique, back painted glass tile flooring.
          4. Because back painted glass is non-porous it is more hygienically safe that porous materials such as tile. Bacteria and mold cannot settle into the surface. When you wipe your glass clean it is clean. Back painted glass is also VOC free.
          5. Back painted glass is produced using a special heat treatment which makes it highly durable. With proper care you can be assured that your back painted glass product will endure. The durability of this product makes it a smart investment choice for your home.
          6. Back painted glass is often used as a back splash material to be installed behind stoves. The product can be heat tempered to make it appropriate for heat exposure. Once tempered your back painted glass can withstand normal, everyday cooking temperatures.
          7. Back painted glass uses only ultra-clear glass. This ensures that the colors which you choose show through vibrantly. This is a feature which is not usually available with tile and marble. Back painted glass gives you extensive color options.
          8. Back painted glass has the special ability to expand the space. As its surface sparkle, that bounces the light around a room and helps to add visual effect of expanding the entire space. If your kitchen or bathing area is small or dark, so this back painted glass will be a perfect option to reflect light to make the room appear bigger and brighter.
          Benefits of Back-painted Glass

          Uses Of Back Painted Glass

          Back painted glass is appropriate in many uses. Below are just a few ways you may want to use this amazing product.

          Accent walls

          Accent Walls

          An accent wall is a great design technique which allows you to take one wall in a room and create an entirely different look. An accent wall is often drastically different from the other walls in color. Adding a back painted glass accent wall will create a unique look for your room.

          In corporate interiors

          In Corporate Interiors

          Beyond uses in the home, back painted glass is also appropriate in a corporate setting. Business spaces need to be an inviting and exciting place. Back painted glass can help business owners accomplish this.

          As a message boards

          As a Message Boards

          Another cool feature of back painted glass is that any area in which you use this product will also have the double function of a message board. Back painted glass is totally safe for dry erase ink and messages show up clear. This is a handy feature for parents and children who need to communicate on the go.

          A bold choice for Custom interiors

          A Bold Choice For Custom Interiors

          Retailers has the special job of attracting their customers. Smart, modern, interior design moves can sometimes be the ticket to get customers in your doors. Back painted glass products silently attract customers with style.

          A smart choice for public spaces

          A Smart Choice For Public Spaces

          In addition to home and office use, back painted glass can also be a smart interior design move for other public spaces. Locations can really show their modern style using back painted glass in their new decorating projects as wall separators.

          Smooth Look with no stain

          Smooth Look With No Stain

          Back Painted Glass is a timeless material that is perfect for all tastes and answers every kind of interior styles with wide acceptance with less need of maintenance. It gives great smoothing and brighten look indoor.

          Maintenance And Cleaning

          Back painted glass is super easy to clean with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive brush or cloth. Water should not be allowed to pool on the lower edges of your product as this may damage the painted surface. Cleaners should be selected carefully to ensure they are non-acid alkali or ammonia bases. Warm, soapy water is usually adequate to clean these surfaces.

          Maintenance and Cleaning