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          Modern Bathroom Designs with Custom Glass and Acrylic Glass Sheets

          Decking up your small bathroom space can be quite challenging but having said that, the latest trends gives you great opportunities to experiment with this space. Acrylic glass sheets are one such clever solution for your ultimate bathroom décor.

          Acrylic is a plastic-based element which is pretty durable and easy to take care. These are few of its many merits making it an easy replacement of glass elements. Let’s check out how and why you should consider acrylic for your bathroom renovations.

          How to add Acrylic glass sheets

          Custom Shower units

          Shower unit with acrylic glass sheets

          You can’t ignore how premium a shower unit looks in any bathroom. Forming an epicenter, they enhance the overall beauty of the bathroom décor. Acrylic gives an ultimate solution for these shower units. If glass units are the only pieces you have ever seen then meet this new style of shower décor. Acrylic gives the similar sheen as glass yet it is more durable and sturdy than the glass itself. These sheets even give you the scope to experiment with different textures and styles to add further glamour to your shower unit.

          Cabinets for bathrooms

          Bathroom cabinets with acrylic glass sheets

          Bathroom Mirror Cabinets – Mirror cabinets are another quintessential bathroom element. Having an impressive vanity will add great value to these small spaces of your abode. Acrylic mirror cabinets meet this basic need quite effortlessly. Serving a dual purpose, they give you a dressing space along with the much-required storage units in the bathroom.

          Bathroom Storage Cabinets – Wooden and glass cabinets are pretty common in any bathroom setup. But cabinets made out of Acrylic glass sheets are replacing these old styles pretty efficiently. These see-through units are easily mouldable to the choice of your cabinets and are easy to take care of making them a clever storage solution.

          Why switch to Acrylic Glass Sheets for Interior Update

          You can be as creative with the versatile elements to create spectacular décor of your space. But if you are wondering why actually you should replace the old school elements then let us take you through few of the merits that acrylic carry:

          1. Sturdy and durability –

          Acrylic glass sheets are well accepted for its durability. Being stronger and sturdier than glass, they can easily be moulded or installed in any form. Especially for the centrepieces like shower enclosures where toughness is a major concern, acrylic sheets serve the purpose just right.

          • Lightweight –

          One of the reasons as to why acrylic is so much in demand is because of it being so lightweight. As compared to glass units, acrylic sheets feel feather-light and can be easily installed or fixed. You can always feel the lesser weight in the ease of moving shower doors which are otherwise quite heavy when installing in the glass.

          • Cost-Effective –

          Acrylic glass sheets get all the fame due to its cost-effectiveness. They are tremendously affordable as compared to the heavy glass units.

          • Temperature efficient –

          Acrylics are a bad conductor of heat making them quite temperature efficient. This avoids giving chill in winters which are quite common in glass and porcelain setup.

          • Wide variety and mouldable –

          Out of all the features mentioned above, the biggest advantage of acrylic is that they come in a wide variety. Be it a selection of colors or choices of textures, acrylic never fail to amaze you. From bathtubs to cabinets to shower units, acrylic moulds into any shape and size giving awesome utility results.

          If you are looking for an ultra-modern bathroom setup which is cost-effective and rich looking at the same time, then the invention in acrylic style of décor is your way to go.  

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