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          Advantages of Using Tinted Glass in Your Home & Office

          There are plenty of practical and aesthetic reasons for having a window tint job. Home window tinting improves home security and privacy, keeps the home cool in summer and warm in winter and also prevents glass from shattering should it be damaged in a natural disaster. House window tinting improves your health as it prevents harmful UV rays from entering into your home and protects your curtains, furniture and wall pictures from damage caused by excessive sunlight.?Even so, there is much more to using tint glass around the home or commercial buildings than just having your windows tinted. Following are some great decorative ideas for using tinted glass all around your interior or exterior.

          Add Color and Class to Indoor

          Tinted Window glass

          Want your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom to have a natural, golden glow? Residential window tinting services can help you add an amber-colored film over your existing windows. Alternatively, you can order?custom cut glass windows?with added tinting. The latter option is ideal because you can choose not just the exact color but also the glass type, thickness and more.

          Update?the Bathroom


          A shower screen tint offers the best of both worlds. You’ll have a modern bathroom with a classy glass shower stall while still maintaining your privacy as you shower. You can even add matching tinted glass cupboard doors to your vanity to give the room a uniform appearance.

          Glass Tables for Beauty and Convenience

          tinted grey tabletop

          A tinted glass dining room or living room table has much to offer. Such tables are water and stain resistant,?easy to clean and maintain and have a timeless style of decor that suits the needs of both a modern and traditional home. A dark tint glass can give a room an elegant appearance while a light tint is ideal for small rooms that don’t get much natural light. You can even make your own DIY glass table by ordering custom cut tint glass from Fab Glass and Mirror and then setting it on top of a reclaimed wooden or metallic frame, old wine barrel, blocks of painted wood or even some aesthetic bricks.

          Tinted Glass Wall & Doors

          tinted glass wall and doors

          You can pick a tinted glass wall as a space divider which gives the most relaxed working environment with privacy.?A glass wall is not only easy to clean but also gives a kitchen or room a sleek, modern appearance. Choose a bright color that stands out from the kitchen tiles to create a vibrant, lively atmosphere in your kitchen.

          A window tint job, coupled with the careful use of tinted glass around the home, is sure to add to your home’s style of decor. Consider the options carefully and decide how to use the various ideas outlined above to beautify both your home’s interior and exterior.

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