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          Best frameless shower doors for your bathroom

          Installing frameless shower doors is the most easy and affordable way to give a modern look and clean atmosphere to your bathroom. It gives an annoyance free feeling to your shower area while you are taking bath. The best thing about these glass doors is they are easy to install and very affordable as it just requires one or more think layers of glass panels which are joint together with the help of hinges and supporters which grip the glass panels with bathroom walls. Another advantage of using glass doors for your shower is that you can give a new look to your complete shower unit by adding or changing a new design of door knob. Frameless doors can fit in any bathroom as they are easily customize able according to bathroom shape and size. It just needs cutting glass panels in a shape or measurement to customize your glass doors according to your bathroom shape. Frameless shower doors can be customized in any shape however there are four main shapes or options which are very common in the market. These options include following.

          Single frameless shower doorSingle frameless shower door

          If you have a separate shower section covered by walls with an opening then single shower door is the best suitable option for you. A frameless door can be added to your shower section by just installing a thick glass panel as a door with the help of full back hinge. The door size may varies according to shower section opening measurements. The hinge helps the glass panel to mount the door with opening walls. A door knob or handle is added to glass panel to open and close the door, however it is optional. Please note that single shower doors suitable if your shower opening is up to 36” wide.

          Inline Frameless Shower DoorInline Frameless Shower Door

          Inline frameless shower doors are suitable for the situation where the opening of shower section exceeds 33”. In such case an adjacent glass wall is also added with the door to cover the exceeded area. This wall helps to make the door more durable.

          90 Degree shower door90 Degree shower door

          90 degree shower doors are used in the corner of bathroom where there is no separate shower section. Two glass panels are attached in 90 degree angle and mounted with corner walls to make a square or rectangular room. A door is added to any of the glass wall which can be up to 33” wide. This type of shower doors are also used around bath tub if there is no room for separate shower section.

          Neo Angle shower doorNeo Angle shower door

          If you are looking for more elegant and modern way to customize your shower doors then neo angle shower door is the best. In this type of shower door three or more glass walls are attached together at 45 and 135 degree angle which makes a diamond or multi corner shape room. Neo angle shower doors are suitable if you want to install the door on a straight wall and not in the corner of your bathroom. A concrete basement of up to 12” height can be added along with glass walls to support the walls.

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