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          Let the Sunshine in & Enjoy the Cozy Interior this Winter Season

          The amazing modern-day Interior Updates amplifies the festivity of the winter season and adds in an extra top of brilliance & class. Every homeowner craves for a multi-purpose design idea which can enhance the aesthetics of the house & can augment the house with a warm sense of coziness.

          The Contemporary Fireplace Trends

          Sturdy glass for fireplace

          During the chilly months of the year, the fireplace is the center of attention of every individual young or old. The advent of amazing Fire Rated Glass of today had injected a surge of sophistication & class into the common room & living areas. The enduring trends of the contemporary world of design require a fireplace glass which is aesthetically appealing & can withstand the scorching heat in an effective manner. ?Pyran glass is one of the most commonly used Fire Rated Glass and its durability & fire resilience is undoubtedly the best. Having a minimum risk of shattering or breakage, these glasses reverberates a feeling of enhanced safety & protection.


          Amplifying the Beauty of Kitchen?Interior

          Laminated back painted glass for kitchen interior

          For the lovers of flamboyant & ostentatious design, the Laminated Glass is surely the perfect alternative for kitchen walls, counters, sunroof, and partition walls. These glass tiles are not only to enhance the overall ambiance of the room but also serve as a fully functional UV shield which protects the house’s interior against the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays. The Laminated Glass has better impact resistance than tempered glass and is a perfect choice for a kitchen backsplash.


          Creating an Ambiance of Tranquility

          Large Window Glass - Insulated Glass Great for shiny and cozy indoor

          Keeping out the icy winds of the winter & creating an aura of warmth are the primary objectives of state-of-the-art Insulated Glass. Made with the combination of two panes of glass, these glasses are perfect for large windows, doors, and partition walls & help develop the much-needed sense of solitude. These glasses serve as the ideal replacement glass for walls & panels of all sizes and help keep heat inside during the winters. The duo of increased heat & better insulation against cold winds is a perfect Interior Update for this frosty winter season.

          The remarkable Fire Rated, Insulated, and Laminated Glass are the ongoing trends of today’s interior and had managed to cement their place in the house & office of every contemporary design aficionado. These vigorous glass trends of today blend in perfectly with the dynamic effects of modern design and color scheme of any living area.

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