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          Commercial & Domestic Uses of Glass Panels and Glass Boards

          Indeed, the completion of interior and even exterior work without any use of glass is something impossible. The different types of glass panels and boards make the architecture unique and aesthetic. Fab Glass and Mirror considers all the transforming and currently trending glass items. Here we are offering the insulated and magnetic glass boards, as well as the most beneficial ways to utilize their function in following manners for commercial and domestic areas.

          • Privacy and partition solution


          Insulated Glass best for partition and privacy

          Most of the times, we have to separate particular portion within a combine space which can be done properly without looking odd. Whether it’s needed to create different cabins within an office area or to separate the beds in the hospital wards, laminated and insulated glasses are trending well to cater the needs. Especially, the insulated glass is best to display your partition area like a room and also prevents the disturbing sounds.

          • Use Magnatic Glass Board for Notes/Signs

          2. Note or sign board

          The use of pinned boards in learning institutes and even at public places is quite hassle. Now, magnetic glass eraser boards are serving well as note or sign boards. The public guidance notes can be displayed, as well as glass boards enhance the grace of the area by also non-verbally communicating with the masses.

          • Cut down weather effects with ?Insulated Glass


          Usually people prefer the accessories which are attractive in outlook and also contain benefits in their nature. Then what would be better than insulated glass for buildings in commercial use. Insulated glass is functional to barrier the global warming effects, heat and noise pollution to enter inside the building.

          • Modify the working style by using glass board

          Network Rail Offices, Western House, 1 Holbrook Way, Swindon SN1 1BY 14-15 July 2009

          4. Modify the working style

          Any lecture, combine meeting or a presentation in conference room; all are the matters to add an pass an impression and inspirational wave. So, it’s most important to modify working and presentation style by using modern items like magnetic glass eraser boards are leading among variety of glass panels and boards now to be as your companion in professional demonstrations.

          • Interior designing

          5. Interior designing


          As the use of glass is been considered as the main element which adds an aesthetic touch to your interior design. In this context, the selection of glass panels and boards is been done especially on quality basis. Insulated glass panel is beautiful and durable item to be installed within living areas and to divide it into two parts regarding use and also covers the walls and windows to present a tinted fancy look.

          To satisfy all your cravings for glass panels and boards, Fab Glass and Mirror provides bucks saving and quality range of insulated and magnetic glass eraser boards. Your commercial and domestic needs are just an order away to be fulfilled; so visit us for more info.

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