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          Mirrored Glass Cabinets

          We have wide range of Glass Cabinets and Mirror Cabinets

          Modern Mirror with Crystal Glass Cabinet

          With the help of Fab Glass and Mirror, renovations to the home can create an entirely new ambiance and mood. Whether you are redecorating the bathroom, or simply looking for a replacement, our mirrored glass wall cabinets are an excellent addition, as they mesh well with traditional and contemporary-styles.

          Stylish Crystal Glass Wall Cabinets

          Adding a glass wall cabinet to your bathroom decor provides both function and style. Wall mounted bathroom cabinets from Fab Glass and Mirror function as storage cabinets, allowing you to maximize space. Designed to fit into any remodeling budget, check out our large assortment of modern glass cabinet styles and choose the one that is right for you.

          Elegant Corner Glass Mirror Cabinet

          Fab Glass and Mirror offers a wide range of modern corner glass cabinets. There are a number of shelving and color combinations to complement your space’s current decor. Corner-mounted bathroom cabinets are designed to function as storage cabinets, allowing you to maximize space. Our elegant tempered glass wall cabinets offer your home a stylish choice while fitting into most budgets—you can’t go wrong!


          Glass Cabinets A Functional Yet Modern Fixture

          Enjoy the polished appearance of a modern glass cabinet in your bathroom. A glass wall cabinet is the perfect storage area, and it also acts as a pleasing accent furniture piece that will match a variety of décor options. When ordering a glass cabinet through us, specify the shelving number, the style that matches the room, and your preferred glass type. A glass display cabinet will allow for personal items to be presented in a majestic manner. Keep belongings safe from damage and excessive cleaning sessions by positioning them in a glass display cabinet. A high-quality glass display cabinet will hold items in a safe location while also protecting them in the process.

          A display cabinet with glass doors is also an option for those who wish to grab items quickly while keeping them out of harm’s way. When selecting a specific cabinet, match the glass type or color to your home’s existing furnishings. Designed to your specifications, each glass door cabinet is custom made to ensure your satisfaction. A display cabinet with glass doors is an exciting furniture option because it lets you keep personal items within reach and view them from far. Each display cabinet with glass doors is tailored to your preferences, making your selection a perfect match to your desired décor style.

          A mirrored glass wall cabinet also helps to hide items from view while providing a reflective area. Using a mirrored glass cabinet can help in making a room feel larger, as the reflection tricks the eye into expanding the feeling of space. These types of cabinets will also keep toiletries out of the way, but within reach. Ideal for small rooms, our bathroom mirror cabinets instantly increase the visibility of items in the space, making it feel bigger overall. Bathroom mirror cabinets will also obscure the inside contents, making them versatile pieces without using too much space. Mirrored glass cabinets are the perfect way to enhance the attractive aesthetics of a bathroom, and they also help you organize all of your personal belongings.

          Why A Glass Cabinet Is A Major Add-On for A Small Space Interior

          While many people use decorative bathroom mirror cabinets to aid with grooming, these pieces of furniture are not just limited to the bathroom. A mirrored glass cabinet provides an easy-to-access storage area for any room in the home. A decorative or mirrored glass cabinet also offers a visually appealing focal point to a room, hile freeing up space along walls and floors for other pieces of furniture or decor. Since smaller items will be tucked away, clutter is minimized, helping to make the room feel larger as a result. The addition of a mirrored cabinet is a spectacular way to create the feeling of an expansive space when a room is on the small side. The reflective surface will be seen from all angles, giving the illusion of added space to those who view it. Positioning a glass display cabinet opposite the entryway in a room will trick the mind into thinking the room is much larger than its measurements reveal. Placing these handy glass wall cabinets at a standard eye-level is best, so the mirrored surface is sure to be noticed by those utilizing the area.
          Are you considering mirrored glass cabinets? You’ve come to the right place! Contact the glass and mirror experts at Fab Glass to place your order or to inquire about our selection. We look forward to working with you soon!