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          Custom Cut Fireplace Glass

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          Custom Fireplace Glass

          To give a glass fireplace a personalized appearance, pick out custom-made doors to adorn a unit. Fireplace enclosures used both indoors and outdoors, benefit from having glass made from materials that are less likely to shatter when temperatures rise. Browse our wide selection of Indoor and Outdoor fireplace Glass Panel options to find the perfect fit for your own fireplace today.

          Types of Fire Rated Glass

          There are several types of fireplace glass available in the market. But you should pick a fireplace glass according to the location, style of your interior, energy consumption and energy efficiency desired in your place.

          Pyran Platinum Glass

          Pyran Platinum is fire-protection-rated glazing material which is made of clear glass-ceramic with thickness of 5 mm, which is specially developed for architectural application. It has featured to use in non-impact and less safety-rated locations like portholes and window panes with fire-rating need up to 90 minutes. (view more)

          Pyran Platinum (Filmed) Glass

          A fire-protection and impact-safety-rated glazing glass material made of a clear and colorless glass ceramic with thickness of 3/16 inch. Fireplace glass made from Pyran is filmed to give it an added layer of safety protection. Fireplace doors with filmed Pyran help in keeping a room safe from potential ash or flame. (view more)

          Pyran (laminated) Glass

          Pyran glass with a laminated ceramic pane inclines to provide ample protection against high temperatures when used in fireplaces. It has glazing material made from a laminated glass-ceramic and clear appearance withstands thermal shocks. Pyran (Laminated) Glass tiles are intended to use in safety-rated locations such as door lites, transoms or sidelites, and windows with fire-rating requirements up to 90 minutes and up to 3 hours in doors. (view more)

          Pyrex Glass

          Custom fireplace screens made from Pyrex glass withstand maximum temperature of 914 degrees Fahrenheit while allowing viewers to see a pristine clear pane. This borosilicate silicone sand-based glass is hardy and relatively inexpensive to some of its competitive options.

          Robax Glass

          Fireplace glass made from Robax is deemed as fire resistant as it has a near zero thermal expansion rating. This means the ceramic glass will almost have a zero chance of shattering with maximum service temperature of 1472 degrees Fahrenheit. The panes have slight yellow tint and are extremely strong and sturdy. So it’s highly recommended for furnace site glass and top plates for induction cookers.

          Diamond Wire Glass

          Polished Wire Glass is a 60-Minute fire rated in doors up to 100 square inches (10" x 10"). Polished wire glass is 45-minute fire rated up to 1296 square inches for doors and other glazing applications. UL certified for fire-ratings of 20, 45, 60 and 90 minutes. Rules regarding use of wire glass as fire-rated glass varies by state and local fire district. Please contact local fire officials for guidance.

          Pyran Platinum Glass

          Pyran Platinum Glass

          Diamond Wire Glass

          Diamond Wire Glass

          Benefits of Installing Fireplace Glass

          Fireplace glass replacement with heat resistant doors has several benefits. Not only will the doors protect the home against potentially devastating conditions as a result of a fire mishap, but they also aid in keeping energy costs down as well. Glass fireplace doors help to keep logs and ash contained. A fireplace without adequate screening will put a home at risk for the dispersal of the contents of the fireplace. This could result in a fire in the home. Fireplace glass also helps to direct the emissions of the unit upward and outward without incident. Since there is an additional layer present, the risk of losing heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer is greatly decreased. This added barrier helps to keep energy costs at a minimum inside of the home as a result. It makes sense to save money.

          Replace Broken Glass Fireplace Door

          Fire rated windows glass can be added to a fireplace should the old set of panes break. This is the perfect time to look into other glass options, as the need for replacement is already present. Fire rated safety glass helps to keep a home and its surroundings safer, as the glass will not shatter when the temperature of flame inside of the unit, rises. This gives users the peace of mind that they can enjoy a fire without the worry of excessive heat temperatures causing problems to arise because of the type of glass used in the fireplace.

          Replace Broken Glass Fireplace Door

          Most Suitable Places to Add Glass Fireplace

          If you do not have a fireplace in your home as of yet, finding the right place to have it installed is every bit as important as the type of glass used to protect your home. It is important to take measurements of the area where you intend on installing a unit to ensure the glass doors are a perfect fit. Infrared fireplace Glass doors should be opened when a fire is lit. This will help with airflow, keeping the flame from smoldering prematurely. The doors can be shut after the fire has taken hold. Because of this, it is important to keep plenty of room in front of the unit available for the opening of doors. Fireplaces can easily be incorporated into walls with help from a contractor. These allow for those using them to enjoy the warmth of the flame from all angles while enjoying an unobstructed view of the heating features as well. Corner fireplaces or units placed along one wall in a home are other options. The surroundings can be toned down to give the fireplace the advantage of being the focal point of a room. An outdoor fireplace is an option for those who do not have enough room inside of their home for this type of amenity.

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