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            Frosted Glass For Windows & Doors

          Order Custom cut Frosted Glass

          Made In USA

          Custom Cut Frosted Glass

          Custom Cut Frosted Glass is an aesthetically preferred choice of all homeowners who value privacy & secrecy. Eliminating the translucency of class by restricting the scattering of light, frosted glass is used extensively in the commercial & residential setting. Fab Glass & Mirror encompasses an amazing collection of custom cut frosted glass that is manufactured & designed with the sole purpose of enhancing the beauty & stylishness of your home. Creating an ambiance of secluded elegance the frosted glass is a perfect glass replacement choice for shower enclosures, windows, and doors.

          Etched Glass for Windows & Doors

          The applications of frosted glass in the home & office environment are truly limitless and play a key role in creating an atmosphere of serenity. Strong in strength & highly durable, these frosted glass window are perfect choice for any commercial and residential place. Available in customized sizes & shapes, the etched glass can help transition an ordinary living area into an extraordinary & aesthetically classy place. The frosting helps the homeowner achieve the desired level of translucency and protects the safety & privacy of the family. The opaque glass is also a great choice for office windows & doors and are widely used in meeting rooms & conference area where solitude is utmost important.

          Frosted Glass for Windows & Doors<
          Frosted Glass Shower Door Enclosures

          Textured Glass Shower Door Enclosures

          The shower doors & enclosures are most commonly made up of frosted glass texture as their aesthetic appeal adheres perfectly with the needs of the modern-day design. The incredible sound-insulating property of glass creates a tranquil ambiance and frosting helps achieve the required level of privacy. Fab Glass & Mirrors offers the latest collection of frameless frosted shower glass which is made specifically to enhance the class & sophistication of bathroom. There are numerous amazing design trends which go along perfectly with the modernized frosted glass and are surely a remarkable inclusion for the lovers of contemporary design.

          Staircase Railing with Obscure Glass

          In today’s world of extravagant design, the concept of the staircase had evolved and now both functionality & aesthetic appearance holds equal significance. The modernized staircase with obscure and translucent glass is a great add-on for fashionable homes & professional workplace environment. The look of decency & unmatched sophistication makes the staircase vibrant and vivacious. The use of an ordinary glass fails to create the same level of class & most widely obscure glass is used in the modernized staircase of metal & other materials. The frosting helps develop a sense of safety and protection while ascending up or descending down the stairs.

          Staircase Railing with Frosted Glass
          Frosted Glass for Sliding Doors & Separators

          Frosted translucent Glass for Sliding Doors & Separators

          The main goal of a separator is to induce a feeling of privacy and secrecy into a living space and frosted glass help achieve the same level of privacy while maintaining a high level of elegance. Sliding doors & separators greatly contribute to the overall aesthetic appearance of the living space and can surely enhance or diminish the overall home ambiance. The acid etched glass help to create state-of-the-art design and exceptional that made the frosted glasses a widely popular and preferred choice of homeowners. For the people who needs both privacy & sophistication in their interior. Explore Fab Glass & Mirror and experience the truly phenomenal collection of latest customized frosted glass.

          Opaque Glass for All Interior Decorative Needs

          The Opaque glass reflects almost 66% of light thrown at it in a room, the best to use in bathroom, window and attic. Frosted glass is one of the trusted opaque glass that contribute to the decorative designs of any home.Whether it is a frosted glass window, shower door, obscure glass tries to balance beauty with designs at every point in time.

          Acid etched glass is easy to clean when used as frosted windows and doors. It can be customized most of the times, which comes to fit the many interior decor needs of any room with matching color patterns and designs.The opaque glass film has a layer which provides necessary protection during intense weather. Plus it’s recommended where to provide top-notch security, especially frosted windows and doors. The fact is, opaque makes it difficult for anyone to see behind the glass, moreover provides beauty in to your place.

          A forested glass film on shower doors protectsthem from dust and debris and gives openness to the entire space.

          High windows and sunroof in attics allow a great amount of sunlight. Instead of adding separate shield on these windows, a frosted film helps in keeping excess sunrays to enter in the room. For the same reason frosted windows can be a perfect idea for your home library and home offices. These let a soft light spread in the room while maintaining privacy at your workplace. Frosted glass can also carry patterns and designs that can add decorative touch to the display. It’s also available in different types of sprays that make clear glass look like frosted ones.