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          Rectangle Glass Shelf Kits

          $31.99 - $85.99
          Shipped in 1 - 2 business days.

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          Rectangle Glass Shelves

          We have high quality Rectangle Glass Shelves

          Rectangle glass shelves are great way to add a touch of class and elegance to any home, living, or office space. The options available in terms of what these rectangular glass shelves can be used for are endless. Whether they are being used to display precious items, books or they are being used to spruce up a vanity area in a bathroom or closet, floating glass shelf kits are an inexpensive way to change any environment and add to the sophistication of a space.

          Glass Shelves Add Style and Elegance To Any Space

          Fab Glass and Mirror shelf kits are available in a variety of colors in addition to the traditional clear glass. The selection of colors allows for easy adaptation and integration into any space. There are also a multitude of sizes to choose from with the smallest size being 6”X18” to the largest is going all the way up to 12”X 48”48. Each shelf is made out of durable tempered glass, the special heating and cooling process each piece of glass undergoes guarantees these glass shelf kits will maintain durability and strength for years to come. Customers can also take comfort in the fact that the manufacturing process of the Fab Glass and Mirror kits adds to the strength of the glass, which makes it safe to include in any environment. In addition, each piece of glass has been processed to eliminate the appearance of bubbles, adding to their beauty.

          Remodel a Small Size Kitchen with Floating Glass Shelves

          Remodel a Small Size Kitchen with Floating Glass Shelves

          When space is limited, doing a remodeling job in a kitchen is sure to be a concern. This room requires the use of cookware, appliances, and utensils, making it difficult to keep organized if there is not enough room for food preparation. Using floating glass shelves is a wonderful way to expand the amount of room available for the preparation of meals as storage space will no longer be a concern. Kitchen paraphernalia will be located within view, making it a snap to select whatever desired item is needed for the food-making process. Removing bulky cabinets and installing clear glass paned shelves instantly makes a room feel and look expensive. Rectangle glass shelves offer sturdy surfaces that will create a pleasing appearance while providing ample storage space for a smaller area. Items will be able to be stacked, staggered, or simply lined up and will create a homey feel to the kitchen without overcrowding countertops or tables.

          Open Shelving a Great Way for Style with Simplicity

          These shelves can be cut to fit any space and can be installed in a wide variety of patterns, making it easy to create a unique setup for any kitchen. Since shelves do not require a bulky base to keep them in place and instead use brackets and small hardware to keep them secure, giving the benefit of utilizing the floor areas underneath as an option. This also helps to increase the amount of space available in a room. Items will be at eye-level, making it easy to grab an item desired instead of needing to sift through drawers or cabinets to find them. Rectangle floating glass shelves are easy to install and open up a wide number of display options. Consider placing several shelves with a few feet between them in a stacked manner to keep kitchenware neat and accessible. Alternately, install shelves in a staggered manner to give the illusion of additional room space by drawing the eyes to several different areas of interest. For a completely modern look, shelves can be cut with curved portions to store items at different levels within the same unit. Rectangular shelves also give the option of positioning them in corners. They can easily be moved to new areas of a kitchen if remodeling the room is desired. Simply remove the hardware and install it in a different location to give the room a whole new look. Ordering Rectangle glass shelf is one easiest task, when your living in online shopping world as Fab Glass and Mirror offers each rectangle glass kit comes securely packaged. Each of the shelf is individually wrapped in plastic and sheets of Styrofoam. This careful process of packaging ensures that each shelf is delivered intact and safely to every customer. Fab Glass and Mirror kits are manufactured with pride, Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.