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          Glass Shelf Brackets

          Installing a floating glass shelf, a corner shelf or a storage glass shelf is a DIY easy project- an ideal shelving choice for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. However, you always need glass shelf brackets to install and hang shelves over the wall. We at Fab Glass and Mirrors provide our valuable customers with a variety of fancy shelf brackets. Each pack contains 2 brackets along with screws and plastic anchors and the choice of finish. Check out our collection of decorative shelf brackets to get them now.

          How to Choose Right Shelf Brackets

          Contemporary glass shelving brackets are available in a variety of designs with the choice of finish, completing open glass shelves and wall texture. You may choose luxury brackets from the list below depending on your choice of finish and style.

          Square glass shelf brackets

          These contemporary square shelf brackets are capable to hold up to 10mm thick glass, an ideal fit for displaying lightweight accessories. You can use these brackets for kitchen glass shelves and bathroom shelving.

          Square glass shelf brackets

          Round glass shelf clamps

          Rounded glass shelves brackets are the best choice to hold floating glass shelves for the living room and interior. Brass rounded glass shelf bracket is a great pick for tempered glass and corner shelving.

          Round glass shelf clamps

          Peacock chrome shelf brackets

          These luxury chrome shelf brackets are easy to install and are a perfect choice for contemporary spaces. Usually constructed using die-cast zinc alloy, peacock chrome shelf brackets not only look attractive but are capable to hold wood shelves as well. You can use them for shelving in kid’s room, bedroom, living room, and offices as they cover less space and look elegant.

          Peacock chrome shelf brackets.

          Stylish aluminum shelf brackets.

          If you want to install storage shelves, aluminum glass shelving brackets can help you to hold heavy loads. You may use them for shelving in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other storage spaces. Most of the stylish aluminum shelves are designed in a way to provide support to the top and lower edges. You can also use these floating glass shelf brackets to hold custom designed shelves.

          Stylish aluminum shelf brackets

          DIY Hang Glass Shelf with Brackets

          To install a glass shelf at home, you need to buy required glass shelf or shelves and adjustable glass shelf brackets along with plastic anchors and screws. Then, follow these steps to DIY install a glass shelf using glass shelf clamp and brackets.

          Step : 1

          Determine the desired area on the wall where you want to install the shelf. Take a level and pencil, and draw a line on the desired area. Also, mark the points for each holder.

          Step : 2

          Drill holes to install brackets over vertical and horizontal lines. Drill at least 1/4” hole at each mark and inset plastic wall anchors in holes.

          Step : 3

          Once you drill pilot holes, replace metal brackets and insert screws into anchors. Drive screws and repeat the process for each bracket.

          Step : 4

          Now take a glass shelf, and mount it over brackets. Make sure, it is securely tightened and check its level. Repeat the same process for every shelf.

          You can follow this process to install shelves in your bathroom, kitchen and storage room.