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          Shower Door Hardware

          Does your shower door swing in the wrong direction and falls off its track? Annoying! So in this case, picking right shower door hardware and accessories are highly suggested and choosing accurate hardware is perhaps a crucial part of modern glass interior. If you think, you can ditch shower door hardware for a good, so a big no here, sooner or later it would turn out to be a horrible mistake. As Shower door hardware has the ability to add style to your bathroom’s texture as well as durability to your bathroom design. Your choice of hardware reflects finishing touch on shower enclosures. These exclusively designed hardware makes easy to use shower enclosure and increase its strength and longevity. There are major hardware accessories listed, those should be considered as important components while installing a shower door.

          Shower Door Parts for Accurate Adjustment

          Whether you are repairing a shower door or want to DIY install a door, provision of right parts for shower door is necessary to do this project accurately. So, customize your shower door with the following hardware options. You may or may not avail all of these tools, depending on adjustment requirements.

          Shower Door Frame

          Shower Door Frame

          Do you want to replace the old shower door? Then, pick the right frame for your new door. Its size, style, and shapes should be accurate. If you are installing a frameless door, then pick the right glass and size.

          Shower Door Seal

          Shower Door Seal

          If your bathroom’s shower door bottom seal has been broken, then you have to replace it. Pick a high-quality new seal to replace the current one.

          Shower Door Hinge

          Shower Door Hinge

          Swinging shower doors require hinges. Make sure they are strong and can hold the weight of the shower door. You can choose between Vienna, cologne, and prima hinges.

          Knobs and pulls

          Knobs and Pulls

          Though optional, it’s better to pick clean and custom knobs and pulls for the frameless shower door.

          Helping Guide to Buy Right Shower Door Hardware

          So, selection of the right shower door hardware is as important as the selection of a shower door itself. Keep these things in mind before selecting the hardware for your bathroom’s shower door.

          A great center piece

          Bathroom Design.

          Keep in mind the design of your bathroom before selecting shower door hardware such as finish hardware.

          Shower Door Type

          Shower Door Type

          Is it a frameless shower door or framed one? Is it a sliding door or pivot door? Make sure you pick the right hardware, matching the style of your shower door.

          Selection of Hardware

          Selection of Hardware

          Pick the right size and style of hardware. Select strong, durable, and water-resistant shower door seals and hinges. Selection ...(view more)



          Make sure, the hardware supplier provides a warranty on all supplies. Don’t compromise on the quality and durability of hardware for lower prices.

          Guide to Install Shower Door at Home

          Installing a shower door, whether hinged or sliding, at home is easy. With access to right shower door hardware, installation tools, and clear instructions, you can do this project accurately.

          Installation Steps

          step 1 :
          Cut the base track

          Use a hacksaw to cut the aluminum base track accurately to fit tightly between stall walls. Clear the metal filling using a vacuum to keep floor safe from scratches.

          step 2 :
          Fit the base track

          Place the base track on the threshold, and make sure it is centered accurately. Along-track edges, mark thresholds with a pencil so that you may reposition it if it slips during the installation process.

          step 3 :
          Make the position of the jamb

          Alongside shower opening that supports door, hold a jamb against the wall to fit its lower end into base track. Mark the wall through jamb’s screw holes and make a small divot after removing the jamb.

          step 4 :
          Drill holes

          Use a drill bit to drill holes at each mark and put a plastic wall anchor into each hole. Then, install a stainless-steel screw into each hole.

          step 5 :
          Hang the door

          Take two railings to adjust shower door position. Then apply silicone shower door seal along the entire length of the U-channel or hinge rail. Install railing and fit it with screws. Cover it with screw caps to prevent the door from rust. Repeat the same process for the other side of the wall. Now put the glass door into the frame.

          step 6 :
          Finish it up

          Once the door is installed, attach the header, screw the frame together and apply silicon with a caulk gun. For hinge door, you may also install shower door sweeps for accurate swinging.

          Installation Step

          Advantages of Ordering Shower Door Online

          Whether it’s a shower door or shower door hardware, ordering a shower door online has certain advantages.

          Variety of choices

          Variety of choices

          Online purchasing of shower doors offers you a variety of choices. You can get your favorite ...(view more)

          Competitive prices

          Competitive prices

          As the number of online suppliers is increasing, they offer high-quality shower doors ...(view more)

          Fast Delivery

          Fast Delivery

          Online shipping takes only 2 to 3 working days. Many suppliers also offer free or paid installation services.

          Product Warranty

          Product Warranty

          Online shower door suppliers offer product warranty up to around 15 years or even lifetime.

          Special Discounts

          Special Discounts

          In order to attract more customers, online suppliers keep on offering seasonal sales and discounts on their products. You can avail of this opportunity.

          Custom Quote

          Custom Quote

          You can share custom shower door requirements to online glass suppliers and get a custom quote from them.

          Shower Door Selection for Luxury Bathroom

          In your contemporary bathroom, the selection of modern shower door is as important as the other fixtures of your bathroom. They are available in a variety of classic designs to match your bathroom’s style and finish. Choose the right type of shower door, meeting your bathroom’s requirements, from the options below:

          Frameless Shower Doors

          Made up of clear tempered glass, frameless shower doors are trendy for luxury bathrooms. They don’t need metal support around their exterior edges, making them look clean and visually attractive.

          Framed Doors

          Framed modern shower doors are economical yet catchy. They are sturdy and strong, adding a style statement to both modern and traditional bathrooms.

          Sliding Doors

          Bypass or sliding shower door is an ideal choice for small luxury bathrooms. A frameless sliding shower door not only looks beautiful but also covers less space and provides a seamless view.

          Glass Tub Enclosure.

          Do you enjoy tub bathing, but need a sleeker look than a shower curtain? A frameless glass tub enclosure is an amazing option to increase the visuals of your bathroom. They glide easily and restrict water leakage.