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          How to Choose a Glass Table Top For the Dining Room or Dining Table

          A glass table top provides the perfect look for a dining room table, since its beauty can make dinner feel more special. For a dining room, you can use the glass as a glass table cover for your current table or create a table from glass over a table stand. Glass is also easy to clean and it is not as easy to damage as wood. This guide will make it easy to choose the right glass table tops for a dining room.


          Choosing the Shape

          An important consideration is what shape your dining table glass should be. At Fab Glass and Mirror, we offer round, square and rectangle glass table tops, plus we can custom cut glass to any size and shape you need, such as oval. A rectangular or oval table can provide a lot of dining room seating, while a square or round table helps a smaller group interact better during dinner since everyone faces each other. The shape might also be determined by the dining room layout or the shape of the table or stand that will go underneath the glass.


          Customizing the Glass

          We have many different options to customize the thickness, color, finish and polish of the dining room glass. The polish is based on personal preference, although beveled or pencil edge polishes add more elegance to the table to fit a dining room. You can choose a stunning clear glass table or opt for a bright or bold color to fit the decor of the room. For the finish, tempered glass is a stronger safety glass if you have kids or the table will have heavy use. For the thickness, choose thinner glass for a delicate, refined look or thicker glass for heavy use or if the table will hold a lot of weight.


          How Many Can It Seat?

          Part of your consideration should be how many people you want to be able to seat at your table. It's a smart idea to go a little larger than a normal dinner night in case you have guests. In general, you can fit:


          • Round table: four people at a table of 36" to 50", six people at a 46" to 66" table and eight to 10 people at a table over 66".
          • Square table: four people can fit a 36" to 48" table, six to eight people at a 48" to 60" table and 12 people at a table over 60".
          • Rectangular table: six people with a size of 36"x48" to 42"x78", 10 at a table of 44"x84" and up to 14 at a table or 48"x96".
          • Oval table: six people at 36"x60" to 42"x72", 10 at 44"x84" or up to 14 at 48"x96".


          A glass table top can really add elegance and beauty to a dining room table. Use Fab Glass and Mirror's website or call us at (888) 474-2221 to order a glass table top for dining table, or for a glass table tops replacement, a patio glass table top or a custom cut mirror. We make ordering easy with website tools to help you customize your glass.