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          Activity Mirror Kit for Gym and Dance: 36" x 60" inch with safety backing

          Copper Free Mirrors
          Out of Stock SKU: GM36x60
          $309.99 - $399.99
          Shipped in 1 - 2 business days.
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          Selected Item Specifics

          -36" x 60" inch Activity mirror kit
          -Flat Polished Mirror with Safety Backing
          -DIY easy to install mirror kit for home and commercial use.
          -Can buy multiple kits to cover a larger area if needed.

          - Product Dimension: 36" x 60" x 1/4" Inches
          - Shipping Dimension: 40" x 64" x 3" Inches
          - Product Weight: ~86 LB
          - Shipping Weight: ~101 LB
          $0.00 $129.99
          + Free Shipping
          Your requested quantity is not available.

          Questions about GM36x60

          Contact us for advice or more details. Our glass experts are here to help. Call ( +1 888-474-2221 )

          Introducing Gym Mirror Kits

          Hardware Included:
          4 Mirror Clips, J bar 60" inch,Screws for J Bar, & Specialty Mirror Adhesive.
          Mirror Types:
          Installation type:
          DIY Easy installation
          Recommended for :
          Gym, Dance, Home and commercial use.
          Brand New Boxed
          Shipping charges:
          Free Shipping Nationwide 3-5 days delivery Ship
          Safety Backing:
          Available Dimensions:
          36" x 60", 36" x 72", 48" x 60", 48" x 72", 48" x 84"
          Edge work :
          Flat Polished
          Mirror Thickness:
          1/4" inch
          Fab Glass and Mirror

          Activity/ Gym Mirrors

          Let your stars see they shine with the Activity Mirror Kit for Gym and Dance. The kit is a low-cost solution for dance, martial arts, aerobics, and other instructors who want to create a professional working space for their students. It's also great for homeowners and interior designers looking to add a small gymnasium or practice studio to a home.

          Large Activity Gym Mirror Kit

          You can transform any room into a dance studio in minutes with a large activity gym mirror kit. In addition to your brand new dance mirror, you'll receive everything you need to securely and safely install it yourself, including a special blend of adhesive designed for the weight and size of the large, flat mirror. Once you have the kit, all you'll need is a level, a screwdriver, and a pencil to put it in place and start becoming more familiar with how your body moves. If you have a home gym, run a dance studio, or have any sort of business where people are performing physical activity, the mirror kit will help elevate the space to a new level of training effectiveness.

          Large Activity Gym Mirror Kit

          How to get perfect fit for gym mirror

          Installing gym wall mirrors is a low difficulty DIY project with one small trick to getting your mirror to sit exactly where you want it. Every wall mirror uses three methods to help them stay on the wall: a metal support structure known as a J-bar, clips screwed in above the mirror, and an ample amount of specially blended adhesive for dance studio mirrors. The J-bar lays flat against the wall and holds the mirror in the extended through that gives the piece its name, so it adds less than a quarter of an inch of needed vertical space on the wall. The clips add on another half an inch of vertical height, meaning you should make sure that there is about an extra inch of vertical clearance wherever you intend to install your dance mirror or gym wall mirrors.

          How to get perfect fit for gym mirror

          Where to Buy Great Gym Mirror

          Full-size workout mirrors aren't something you'll find in your local general store, so finding a business that sells mirrors for home gyms or dance mirrors can be difficult. Thanks to the wonders of the modern era, you can order home gym mirrors from Fab Glass and Mirror no matter where you are in the country. Once the mirror arrives at your home or business, you won't have to hunt for an installer, either. All of the specialty equipment needed to install your dance mirror, including a special blend of adhesive, is included in the kit. The convenience and low price of the kit and DIY installation make ordering online from Fab Glass and Mirror the best place to buy a gym mirror.

          Where to Buy Great Gym Mirror
          Safety And Packaging

          Safety And Packaging

          We always pay high attention to safety measures while packing mirrors so ordered item can reach to your door step without any damage. We also use high quality cardboard cartons and packing foams to make the shipment extra safe. However if your order damages during shipment then we can also offer a free replacement. Please note that you will have to claim your free replacement within 24 hours of receiving the order. Otherwise no claim will be accepted.

          Create Personal Home Gym/ dance studio

          Although we all know it's one of the best things that we can do for our health, creating a habit of physical exercise is notoriously difficult. On top of the physical discomfort from tearing up your muscles to let the strongest fibers survive, you have to motivate yourself to get up, get dressed, go out, and workout in front of a horde of strangers. Even if you have the willpower to make it most days, all of those extra steps are just more obstacles between you and better fitness. You can bypass those steps by turning a spare bedroom or unused space in your home into a personal gym or dance studio. Once you clear out the room and add any equipment that you want, you may notice that it doesn't quite feel like a real workout studio. The reason is that most gymnasiums and dance studios have large dance studio mirrors around the walls. These mirrors aren't for vanity: they help you see how your body moves, letting you get just the right form for your lift or perform the dance routine for your next recital perfectly. You may expect to pay more than the cost of a new machine or flooring for a large gym wall mirror, but the activity mirror kit from Fab Glass and Mirror can transform your home studio quickly and inexpensively with perfect home gym mirrors. Pick out the walls which you want to have a mirror, measure the available space, and order your mirror kits from the website. When they arrive, each mirror can be installed in minutes with a minimal amount of DIY experience needed. If you are serious about adding a dance studio or gym to your home, you need to have workout mirrors in the room to help you achieve your fitness goals....(view more)

          Create Personal Home Gym Dance Studio Room
          Create Personal Home Gym Dance Studio Yoga
          Create Personal Home Gym Dance Studio