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          Plexiglass and Acrylic Sheets

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          Plexiglass and Acrylic Glass

          Plexiglass is a transparent, flexible, splinterless, and sturdy plastic material invented in the 20th century. It is an alternative for glass that is used in various ways, up to printing purposes. Plexiglass is made from a material known as polymethylmethacrylate which is also known as Perspex, Acrylite or Perclax. The fundamental design of Plexiglass is its excellent optical properties and the fact that it's entirely colorless. It is also lighter and durable when compared to glass hence allows easier penetration of light which makes it’s to withstand yellowing and filter the Ultra Violet radiation.

          Uses of Plexiglass

          Plexiglass can be used for both home and office space projects because they come in different lengths of size and width. Their applications are as following :

          Use of Plexiglass

          A substitute for window and glass panes since its clear just like glass. Use of Plexiglass is ideal because of easier maintenance since they don’t attract dirt like their glass counterparts.

          Use of Plexiglass

          Plexiglass is strong hence an excellent choice for enclosing bathrooms. When used for enclosures, they remain resistant to accidents such as falls. Plexiglass does not crack easily; therefore, chances of replacement will be minimal since it does not shatter.

          Use of Plexiglass

          Use of Plexiglass in greenhouses can be an added advantage since it can withstand adverse weather and provision of good light. This will grant steady light flow regardless of the weather.

          Use of Plexiglass

          Plexiglass can be used in furnishings to make stools, tabletops, covers used on shelves and many more furnishings found at homes.

          Acrylic Glass

          The acrylic glass was developed in the year 1928 in some laboratories by chemists such as William Chalmers, and it was made available to the market under Plexiglass trademark. It is made from a material which is a monolith, made up of substances that are organic thus referred to as organic glass. Acrylic originates from the family of thermoplastics that are products of petroleum. It is a Methyl Methacrylate that when used in the glass makes it hard, glow and translucent. Acrylic glass is primarily used in sheet forms because it’s lighter in weight and high resistance to shattering. It is prone to scratching unless modified.

          Types of Acrylic Glass

          (1) Clear Acrylic Glass

          If you are searching for the perfect alternative to glass, you should definitely consider the usage of Clear Acrylic Glass. It is seen both in commercial and residential buildings as part of the exterior as much as part of the interior. Over the past few years, its usage has been dramatically increased and for a number of reasons. Because of the way it`s manufactured Plexiglass has almost miraculous characteristics. First things first, we must mention that it is ten times stronger than glass and on top of this it is also, and it remains unaffected by both the ...(view more)

          Clear Acrylic Glass
          Acrylic Mirror

          (2) Acrylic Mirror

          Mirrored PlexiGlass Acrylic Sheets are the perfect blend of functionality and form. They are durable and robust while at the same time will provide you with the much needed reflective surface. These properties make them ideal for a number of occasions such as interior design solutions, gyms and dance studios, school and public areas. The time has indeed come to replace the degraded mirrors through your home. You can forget about the days when your glass mirror was a potentially hazardous item because it might shatter into millions ...(view more)

          (3) Clear Polycarbonate

          If you are searching for the superhero amongst synthetically engineered materials, then you are in the right place. Clear Polycarbonate (PC) is a purposely created plastic with specific properties which makes it stand out in many industries such as construction, medical, agricultural, automotive, and security. Most commonly you can found it as being clear and transparent, but it also comes in many other colors too. We can say that it is a superhero because it is approximately two hundred times stronger than glass which makes it virtually unbreakable ...(view more)

          Clear Polycarbonate

          Uses of Acrylic Glass

          use of Acrylic Glass

          Acrylic glass is used for roof windows, sales display.

          use of Acrylic Glass

          It’s used in food shops and industries for storing food for both vegetables and meals that are ready to eat.

          use of Acrylic Glass

          The acrylics come in various colors. Therefore, they can be used as signs to on shelves, gates and showcasing due to their multiple colors.

          use of Acrylic Glass

          Acrylic glass is used in the large aquariums found across the world which makes it quite impressive.

          use of Acrylic Glass

          Acrylic glass is used in making submarine windows since it possesses properties of water resistance. The clearness of the glass enables visitors to have a better view of the ocean.

          use of Acrylic Glass

          It’s helpful in making luxury windows for swimming pools because its transparency allows coaches and diving instructors monitor their students.